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Story Teller, Business Coach, and Mentor


It is my passion for serving my community and fellow business owners in becoming more successful that has had the most impact on me in deciding to become a Business Coach here in Clay County.  I consider my strengths and talents as a Story Teller, Business Coach, and Mentor to my clients… Paramount.

Each month as your Business Coach, I assist you in gaining a clear understanding of your existing core business – all while helping you to identify complementary profitable income streams.  Therefore, coaching you on how best to prioritize and deploy your time, talents, and assets – ensuring you the best opportunity for success.  Each month we will discuss your successes, the #’s, obstacles, and in-the-moment skills training – therefore allowing you to increase sales, margins, and cash flow.  As a Mentor, I help you identify and embrace your strengths, talents, and true passion.  These capabilities provide the foundation necessary to differentiate yourself and your business from the herd and successfully achieve your goals.

As a Story Teller, I assist you the Small Business Owner and/or Self-Employed Professional – in not only how to identify and formulate your Story, but I also provide and coordinate productive outlets in which to demonstrate via: weekly PromoteClay Pop-Up Networking Events, PromoteClay Circle of Influence – A Peer Advisory Group, The Player Coach – weekly Podcasting Interviews on Spotify, and our Flagship – Subscriber based: PromoteClay.com – a highly interactive Business Directory and Events web presence in our Community.

Establishing Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Pop Up Networking Events: Pop Up Networking Events are open to the public and have a limited seating availability of 10 – 20 participants.  Pop Up Networking Events are just that… Pop Up.  We coordinate with Companies and Organizations through out the county – Allowing hosting organizations the first 15 – 20 minutes of each meeting to “Deputize” the 10 – 20 attendees on the Host’s products, services, and offerings – in the intimate setting of their own space.  Upon completing sometimes – tours of host’s facilities and always informative updates, we conduct a traditional networking meeting for the remainder of our time.  Hosts are responsible for the space in which we meet, and providing Coffee & Nosh of their choosing for 10 – 20 attendees.

Fostering Intentional & Meaningful Relationships

First Thursdays – Lunch In Oakleaf:  A Private Networking Lunch for clients of David Theus Coaching and PromoteClay Services annual subscribers and their guests with a limited seating availability of 8 – 16 participants.  All Lunch Items and Beverages are placed from a published lunch menu.  Lunch and gratuities are the sole responsibility of each individual participant.

Last Thursdays – After Hours Networking Events:  A Private Event with a limited capacity of 50 – 100 attendees.  Only those receiving of an invitation and their guest will be admitted.  A maximum cover charge of $10 (invitee) & your guest enters for free  – may apply to offset food and/or labor expenses of the host – and a portion of proceeds may be donated to a designated pre-disclosed Charitable Organization.  Attendees may purchase beverages of their choosing from a cash bar, and light offerings of hors d’oeuvres and/or fingers foods will be provided by the host – at no additional charge.

Circle of Influence Quarterly Dinners – “A Peer Advisory Group”:  A Private Event with a limited seating availability of 16 participants.  You and 15 other like-minded business owners and/or professionals gather over dinner in a private dining room and discuss Best Practices while Professional Business Coach David Theus acts as your Facilitator.  All dinner selections and beverages are placed from a published dinner menu.  Dinner and gratuities are the sole responsibility of each individual participant.

Story Telling

Your Business Coaching Subscription includes A Business Listing within the highly interactive online – PromoteClay.com Business Directory and Events Guide – Providing you and your firm the ability to create and post unlimited upcoming Events in our Flagship PromoteClay.com Events Section.  PromoteClay.com is a Business Directory and Community Events Guide that is designed specifically for Clay County Businesses, Organizations, Visitors, and Friends and Neighbors.

Lastly, your Business Coaching Subscription entitles you to: One 500 – 700 word article per year, written and published via Clay Matters in The Newsroom, and one 30 – 45 minute Podcast / 1 on 1 Interview per year with Professional Business Coach David Theus.  Within this podcast format – you and Coach Theus will discuss your “Who, What, and Why” you do what you do. (additional 400 – 500 word articles & subsequent 30 – 45 minute Podcasts may be purchased for $65 each).  All Articles and Podcast Interviews are distributed into “PromoteClay” presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and PromoteClay.com


PromoteClay First Thursdays – Lunch In Oakleaf, Last ThursdaysAfter Hours Networking Events, & Circle of Influence Quarterly Dinners are exclusive opportunities for fellow David Theus Coaching Clients and PromoteClay Services Annual Subscribers and their guests to further develop and foster Intentional – Professional – Working Relationships in conducive settings and locations.

David Theus Coaching Clients and Annual Subscribers of PromoteClay Services only may participate in the following events: (1). Private – By Invitation Only Quarterly “Peer Advisory Group” Dinners and/or (2). Private – By Invitation Only “After Hours” Networking Events, where you may attend and are encouraged to invite and bring a guest.

Eligibility Requires of Each Participant – A commitment and willingness to contribute selflessly to the betterment of others, and an openness to hear new ideas and concepts – with a readiness to participate and interact fully.


  • PromoteClay Pop Up Networking Events Begin Thursdays at: 8:30am – 9:45am
    • See Events Page for Current / Future Dates and Locations
    • Open To The Public


  • First Thursdays – Lunch In Oakleaf Events Begin at: 11:30am – 1:00pm
    • Eagle Landing Golf Club – Restaurant at Oakleaf Plantation – Orange Park
    • David Theus Coaching Clients and PromoteClay Subscribers & Guests


  • Last Thursdays – After Hours Networking Events Begin at: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
    • A Private Event – By Invitation Only
    • Locations To Be Determined


  • PromoteClay Circle of Influence Dinners – “A Peer Advisory Group”
    • Eagle Harbor Golf Club – Talons Restaurant – The Wine Room – Fleming Island
    • A Private Event – By Invitation Only


I welcome the opportunity to start a conversation:  Call: 904-894-2052 or email David Theus at: davidtheus.coaching@gmail.com  Please include your name, number, and best time of day you may be reached.


PromoteClay Networking Events do not meet the week’s of New Years, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Circle of Influence Dinner – “A Peer Advisory Group” and After Hours Networking Events participants – must attend a minimum of 4 Networking Events within a Quarter preceding each Dinner and/or After Hours Networking Event, and be a “current and in good standing” David Theus Coaching Client and/or Annual Subscriber to Promoteclay Services. Dinners, Lunches, Beverages, and Gratuities are the sole responsibility of each attendee – food and/or beverage selections are from a published menu.


The following services are Sole Owned Entities and Intellectual Property of David A. Theus: PromoteClay Services, PromoteClay, Promoteclay.com, PromoteClay Pop Up Networking Events, PromoteClay After Hours, PromoteClay Hob Nob Series, #promoteclay, and PromoteClay Circle of Influence.

The Player Coach, Five Minutes with Coach – Podcasts, and Business Coaching Services Provided by: David Theus are Sole Owned Entities and the Intellectual Property of David A. Theus Copywrite.  Search for: David Theus Coaching Podcast on iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Spreaker, or wherever you listen to podcasts – and please follow, like, and share.


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