Jose Navarro, P.A. - 904 Flat Fee MLS - PromoteClay's Business Person of The Week

Jose Navarro, P.A. – 904 Flat Fee MLS – PromoteClay’s Business Person of The Week

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Jose Navarro of Jose Navarro, P.A.- 904 Flat Fee MLS, at his quaint office space at The Nest Coworking – located at: 630 Kingsley Ave, here in Orange Park, and learn more about Who he is, What he does, and Why.  Jose shared, that from an early age – growing up and working in his Father’s home appliance and furniture store in Girardot, Columbia, that all he thought about was one day coming to America and pursuing the American Dream.

It was the summer of 1977, that Jose’s Father would bring the family to the U.S. for a long-awaited summer vacation.  Landing in Miami, Jose and his family made the traditional vacation stops to Orlando and New York – and as Jose reminisced about that summer, he shared how he remembered saying to himself: “What a great place this America was, and I really want to come and make this my home”.

Upon returning to his family home in Columbia, Jose became more determined to one day return to the U.S. somehow, some way. During his Junior year in High School, Jose was selected to participate in a Student – Foreign Exchange program that would place him at Northmont H.S. in Dayton, Ohio during the 1988 / 1989 school year.  This year abroad as a Foreign Exchange Student only solidified for Jose that he would have to return to the States one day and make America his home.

Upon completion of his exchange year in Ohio, Jose returned to Columbia and completed his university studies at the Konrad Lorenz University in Bogota.  It was at this small private university where Jose would complete his studies and receive his Degree in Business Administration.  Upon graduation, Jose secured a position within the Columbia Central Bank, and began his professional working career.

Several years would pass and at that time, the political landscape of Columbia was deteriorating and becoming more and more prohibitive to work and live.  In 1999 Jose was able to secure a work visa and make a safe passage to live and work in Miami.  It was within a very short time; Jose was introduced to the Real Estate industry and became licensed and working as a Realtor in and around the greater Ft. Lauderdale residential market.

It was here in south Florida where Jose would soon meet his now wife Brenda, start a family, and continue to thrive in the residential real estate marketplace.  As business continued to grow, so did south Florida, and with growth comes longer commutes to and from work and now a family man, more and more time away from his wife and children… It was time for a change.

December 20th, 2018 – Jose and Brenda had decided it was best to make their decision based on what was best for themselves and their children to move north and make Fleming Island their new home for their family and business.  With a now 17-year-old daughter attending FIHS and playing the Mellophone for Eagle Band One, and their 4-year-old son to be home with Mom – Fleming Island and Clay County is where the Navarro’s decided to call home.

“I love it here, every where we go, people are smiling and so kind, and willing to shake your hand and say hello!”

Jose wanted to bring his over 20 years of Residential Real Estate experience to Clay County and with it – cater his business model to a special set of customers looking to save as much money as they could on the sale of their property.  Whether it be their primary residence or an investor looking to sell quickly and without headaches.  Jose said his ideal customer is:  1).  The homeowner who has been trying to sell on their own and has not had success or is tired of all the phone calls and missed showing appointments.  2).  The expired listing that has not resulted in a sale and the seller is looking for another option before starting the lengthy listing process all over again, and lastly,  3).  The Investor who is moving his or her properties and needs to move quickly and recoup and keep as much profit as possible.

“I want to give the homeowner and/or investor the opportunity to sell their property without the traditional commission structure they may only know exists, and do so with all the marketing tools available to the Broker/Realtor Industry… I want to help my customers save as much money on each transaction as possible”.

Jose Navarro, P.A., 904 Flat Fee MLS, 630 Kingsley Avenue, Orange Park, FL 32073
P: 904-888-0831, C: 954-709-3101


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