I help women dress for success, however SHE defines success...

I help women dress for success, however SHE defines success…

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Local Clay County Networking Group PromoteClay Pop Up Networking Got to Experience First Hand the Personal Shopping Experience delivered by Christina Bobango, Personal Stylist with Cabi Clothing.  Christina offers personal service and expertise on fit and fashion that may suit you best within the Cabi Clothing offering. “I help women dress for success, however SHE defines success – whether it’s for business, a special occasion, date night, or just running out to Publix!” said Bobango.

Christina, a onetime Kinney Shoes Associate and Store Manager reflected upon when “retail” was all about the service… When an associate assisted you with not only making sure you were measured properly, but even – when the associate was on bended knee assisting the customer into a shoe.
“What sets me apart from traditional retail stores”, she asked?… “It is the relationships I build with my clients.” – said Bobango.  Christina said: “I enjoy learning about my clients, their lifestyles, and how I can help them. I can make outfit suggestions, help with sizing, and I am available any time thanks to modern technology. It is my goal to help every woman find something she loves to wear, and not just to make a sale – or worse, be indifferent like so many store employees are today.”

Bobango went on to inform the group… “I am a Personal Stylist representing Cabi Clothing – a boutique clothing line that is fashionable, functional, and flattering for women. The clothing collections are intentionally designed to coordinate with past and future clothes, helping to build a functional wardrobe that mixes and matches easily – therefore saving women time in the morning and making them feel fabulous throughout the demands of their busy day.”

Excerpt from Cabi Clothing web site: https://christinabobango.cabionline.com/what-is-cabi/

“We fundamentally believe women have not only a deep desire to connect in relationship, but a great gift for it.  We’re relational connoisseurs.  We have a unique way of connecting—of affecting lives.  And we believe this drive – is not only our success in life, but also our fulfillment.  Cabi was created through the belief that when we’re in relationship with each other, we’re better—whether doing life together, simply helping each other explore our personal style, or building businesses alongside each other.  And that’s precisely why Cabi is a better way to shop and a better way to work.  It was crafted to meet women in their sweet spot…defying the rules of traditional shopping and working.”
“… And you’re invited—because we believe our true style is discovered when we’re connected.”

Lynne Cote`, Chief Executive Officer
Kimberly Inskeep, President, Co-Founder Chief Culture Officer



Christina Bobango, Personal Stylist
Cabi Clothing – https://christinabobango.cabionline.com/

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