During the month of April we are doing a month of wellness and are reaching out to our community to connect and get to know our local friends! I'd love to be able to come in and bring the staff lunch one day during April and provide a little health break for them! Our chats last about 30 minutes and are interactive and fun and we do little raffles and prize giveaways and chat about functional fitness and health goals with the staff.

It's a great way to keep them productive and happy at work! We have a large camper base and this is a great cross promotion opportunity for your office as well because we refer our campers to any and all partners we work with when we do a fit chat.

Let us know if you're interested in ANY of the following:

--Hosting a workout party at your home or in your neighborhood...FUN, and FREE!
--Hosting a Fit Chat at your workplace or organization...FUN, and FREE!
--Hosting an on-site workout for your colleagues or organization...FUN, and FREE!
--Team-building activities for your co-workers, team, clients, etc....FUN, and FREE!