Clay Circle of Influence

PromoteClay Circle of Influence is an exclusive opportunity for fellow PromoteClay Services – Annual Subscribers to further develop and foster Intentional – Professional – Working Relationships in conducive settings and locations.

Eligible Members of PromoteClay Circle of Influence may participate in the following events: Private – By Invitation Only Quarterly “Peer Advisory Group” Dinners and/or Private – By Invitation Only “After Hours” Networking Events, where they may attend and are encouraged to invite and bring a guest.

PromoteClay Circle of Influence – Dinners – “A Peer Advisory Group” have a Limited Seating Availability of 16 participants.  All Dinner and Beverage selections are placed from a published Dinner menu and are the responsibility of each individual participant.

PromoteClay Circle of Influence – After Hours – Networking Events have a Limited Capacity of 70 attendees.  A maximum cover charge of $10 may apply to offset food and/or labor expenses of the host – and a portion of the proceeds may be donated to a designated pre-disclosed Charitable Organization. Attendees may purchase beverages of their choosing at a cash bar and light offerings of hors d’oeuvres and/or fingers foods will be provided by the host – and are available at no additional charge.

Eligibility requires of each participant – A commitment and willingness to contribute selflessly to the betterment of others, and an openness to hear new ideas and concepts – with a readiness to participate and interact fully.

* PromoteClay Circle of Influence Invites are available only to PromoteClay Services Annual Subscribers and those Annual Subscribers who have attended a minimum of 4 Pop Up Networking Events in an individual quarter – prior to a scheduled event.