Helping Clay Businesses - Tell Their Story

Helping Clay Businesses – Tell Their Story

David Theus Coaching – Fleming Island –

Local Fleming Island, Florida – Business Coach: David Theus – A self-proclaimed Story Teller, is proud to announce the launch of his most recent efforts to create a platform (PromoteClay Services) in which his Clay County Business Coaching clients, fellow Clay County based Business Owners, and Organizations may tell their story.

Theus shared that in November of 2017, he felt it was time for a change from his then 10-year career as a Registered Representative – serving Key Persons, Self Employed Professionals, and Small Business Owner clientele with their Wealth Preservation, Succession Planning, and Retirement Planning needs – To a more hands on role of advising his clients from where Theus explained: “the inner workings of their businesses” – ultimately helping them to achieve greater success.

The Orlando, Florida native…” Before Disney…” Theus quipped – Moved to Jacksonville in the summer of 1994 to better position himself as he traveled to and from Pensacola to Miami – alternating weeks in the Panhandle – back home to Riverside/Avondale, and then down and back from Miami the next – As an Independent Contract Office Furniture Manufacturer’s Representative. “It was on those odd weeks when I found myself working in Jacksonville, that I discovered Clay County and its wealth of access to fresh water, a rich sense of community, and at the time – several new and established challenging golf courses. I knew then, it would only be a matter of time before I would finally make Clay County my home.”

Now married, and a father of two daughters and grandfather of four grandchildren, David and his Wife Sheila decided it was time to move to Clay County and make Fleming Island their home in 2011. “It is my passion for serving my community and fellow business owners in becoming more successful that has impacted me most in deciding to stay close to home and family – thus allowing me to invest in the community where I live and work…” Theus said.

PromoteClay Services:  Has three integral parts that make up the whole:

PromoteClay – Pop-Up Networking Events:  Where 10 – 20 Clay based Business Owners and like-minded professionals travel (48 weeks of the year) to other businesses and organizations within the county and conduct a unique styled networking event – Centered around establishing and building upon intentional professional and personal relationships.

PromoteClay – Circle of Influence – A Peer Advisory Group:  Is a By Invitation Only group of Clay based business owners (16 individuals) drawn from those repeat attendees of the Pop-Up Networking Events and those members of the group that are Annual Subscribers to – gathering on a quarterly basis for dinner in a private dining room – Exchanging Best Practices.  Is a highly interactive Web Based – Business Directory and Community Events Guide that is designed specifically for Clay County Businesses, Organizations, Visitors, and Friends and Neighbors.

“PromoteClay is a concept born of a desire to live and work where shared values of Community, Faith, Family, and Love of Country are self-evident. Promote Clay is dedicated to those who call Clay County Home, and our Visitors.” Source:


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